Thursday, 13 September 2012


Hello again, I'm now officially in Pre-University student since early May 2012. It's an option to choose. It's not my choice. I'm not into it at first place. It's my achievement for finished SPM and my pride for not wearing any school uniform but my result, letting me fall into form 6 life. I got offered into UniKL. But my dad won't allow me to. Because it's private. I need a lot of money to deal with. I failed to put myself at the first intake of the general uni. But then, I did not apply for 2nd intake. I regret with it. But now, it's my new kickstart. It's a payback for what I've been promised to my parents last time which is, only if they send me away from the religious boarding school I will strive hard to achieve a good result. but i didn't. I was, in a class that never cares about their future. Because they're rich. So i survived one and a half year in the class.

It's busy in this one and half year. It's a hell for me. Pressures are pushing me. My mind keep on fighting. Till at some edges, i feels like giving up. But I will not. I won't let myself. Falling in love within the years, and hopefully my heart is strong enough to take any bad memoirs.

But now, it's my new diary. I started my peeling engine. I will payback for what i've promised. I got my friends. And Alhamdulillah, me and the teachers are doing good. And for a good starting year they offered me to be the president of ARP and School Corporation. Even though it's a big titled school, Victoria Institution. For this time being I've made the teachers to believe me. I was, in some event, an emcee. I dare to talk to public. I wasn't in any before. Not in my previous school. I will find a way to fix the relationship of students and teacher. I will make changes. and Insya-Allah, i will be a good product.

Hopefully, my promises are granted, by my self. Insya-Allah.

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