Monday, 23 September 2013

Her. #2

I have got some clue about... this, you know as I said in my previous post since I've decided to vomit all the question marks on a friend of mine, like the way he advised me, to stay low and do nothing about it, it feels like, does it goes to the best that I could do ? I don't think so, because he's one of her "victim". We're both different. He hasn't any deeper feelings towards her but I do. So, let's just keep his words in head and bear in my throat to use them if necessary. Things were like always, it's on and off. If everything goes slow in progress, I guess, just let me use my way, it's the last resort that I could do, I'll give her my band's shirt. Long sleeves grey gildan with some graphics at front, may remind her of me cuz it's my stuff maybe ? fuck it lar haha I'm sick of it all. Cheers, all these masalah perempuan shouldn't be the biggest polemic right now, final exams ahead ! Good luck to me.

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