Sunday, 15 September 2013

Her #1

I kinda hate this confusion. I chose this time to spill it now for a reason. Shall I go for her ? Day by day this kind of funny emotional swings, it's getting worst. It's just that maybe I'm too afraid of confronting this kind of situation where, okay let me start. I kind of... have maybe a little bit of, or maybe huge, idk it cycles too fast... to this girl that I was... unsure about her feeling. Sometimes it looks like there's hope but some other normal days she made me feels like no I'm just getting myself too excited for it. It's been months touching a year I wasn't in any sort of relationship that made me sum up that "if there's there then, it's there". But thing is now, is it really there ? shall I unlock the box ? Because at the timeline I had after my last break, I failed about various of time. So, the confident ain't there... What shall I do man, I'm out of time.

What's in her mind ?

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