Friday, 22 April 2011

A Hard Dead Beatles Night !

 !Haaa... rare tak rare lah kan ??

I wish this movie is real but it's all FAKE trailer je wujud tapi movie takde -.-

 John: Hey Mick, look, your fans wanna autographs
             by all of you.

 Mick: cool, come on boys, let's sign some stuff.
 John: Have fun and good appetite.
  Mick: Why the Hell is he wishin us goo... OH fuck.
           *zombies eating stones*

memang patut pun movie tu takkan wujud. half of the beatles are dead oredy.. actually movie ni fans yang buat. diorang bine music video A HARD DEAD NIGHT dengan movie RESIDENT EVIL tak silap aku lah. but yeah, PAUL IS A DEAD MAN.

go watch the trailer laaa amma :3

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