Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Oh fuck you Summer,

You know, how does it feels when a girl that is almost become your so called girlfriend claimed to just be your friend and eventually your best friend ? (yeah that was okay for me...sometimes) But how do you feel when you're unappreciated ? Well that happens. But then when you're about to move on, somehow you've found your Winter or Spring and Autumn, Summer keep on playing her role in your life ? Fucked up, yes. And when you put hopes on Summer, she then turn around and showed that she doesn't need you because she has a brand new quality crush or boyfriend. It happens on and on. How do you bear with that ? Summer appears in my daily life. For this half. But still, a memory that simply broken because of season like this won't simple cured. This is sad..

When it came to this kind of life-making story, I always fail. The saddest thing is that I failed even to maintain, you know... Either to save this relationship or move on, to nowhere. I don't know. She came, and then she go, sudden silence, went off just like that.

-1900, emotionally dark room.

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