Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that !

Yo listen, where do I start, okay election is coming, you know there's a great fight among ourselves blaming each other. I'm not talking about the ones with salary worth more than 5k or 6k. I'm talking about me and you who sits hear and read all my bullshits that I wrote in the internet. Why? You'll figure out later. I'm literally upset with how we, the middle-class society think about someone's having bad ideas or different perspective than ours. You don't know sometimes that we're the one who swallowed all the lies.

Why don't we listen ? When somebody is talking about some ideologies or issues or maybe some crappy foods that they love to eat, we easily got pissed and straight away giving Super Comba 500x double sweet punch (I'm still learning English, ignore my crappy language just get the concept, bruh.) Come on people, sometimes there will be a little bit truth in that speech, maybe something that may generate our gears, to oil up the system, to have this little moment to think about it! Come on man, just listen to that man. Let him speak first. Let him vomit what he's been fed before. You'll get the whole idea. The idea may consist of the other five person who might also think like he does. Analyse the idea, go back home and save the world! *tutup lampu bilik*

Let me shorten up a bit, it's been months since my last post so, I'm just warming up. I've been arguing with my close friend about GE13. When that man has not given any space in his neurons to try to accept what the opponent's idea. Like dude? I know you have the patriotism spirits in you but come on, human makes mistakes, human lies, human are meant to be greedy! You know, acting like a pro-party supporters while you don't really know what's happening up there. I don't trust TV news. So, these creatures won't surrender easily. They keep stepping on our foreheads as we are trying to leave the shadow. And these may helps you maaaybe for just a pinch of salt, but you may try!

(1)Get to know who you're arguing with. (2) Let them speak everything that they feel about something. (3)Not your interest? Well fuck that just talk about McDonald's McBullshit. (4)Your favorite topic? Go with it, let them spit everything first. (5)Say "Ok" and yeah, shift to a new conversation. (6)Go home and study the fact. (7)if you're right about something than don't waste on a rubbish chats. Find some good arena to spread your ideas, get a hall and starts a forum. (8) they refuse to change topic? you're not in a debate league so, just kill him. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT !

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