Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bad April

It's a bad April.

I'm facing a really bad month. Almost everything go against me, till there's this time that I gave up in life. The world was like just not being fair at me at all. Hell yes the world is an unfair destination with the existence of monsters like Salmah the Butcher and Kalsom Joss. I felt like the world will be a better wet ball without the existence of me. Like idk, so unfair.

Almost lost everything. I've lost my beloved laptop. Crush ran away to a better guy, didn't managed to sleep at night, assignments...*sigh* I've lost is my friends, no they're not dead, they're still breathing the oxygen but not in what's beating inside. Since the system that has taken me as their lab rat, it's not fun being experimented. I stuck in a busy world like being programmed by myself. I've chose this path and I'm not regret. I am losing some of my "lepak" friends. So do my close friends... Not blaming anyone, just a bad April. A really bad April.

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