Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Belakang-belakang, dan bawah.

I don't always agreed with those people who changed drastically. Sometimes I totally not. Like hey, you left thousand men behind for a woman upfront. What the fuck was that for ? It's your right to be who you are, what you do. But don't you care about other's feeling ? It really hurts inside.

To what extent that you suddenly want to leave us behind. Was that is what you called as moving on ? Fuck you that is betraying friendship. Yes, the phrase "Move forward, never look back". Hey, I have a totally different principle. The phrase I quoted that you just read has mad millions of people to be more greed and being thirst of negative progression. You received, you were, maybe gifted for a new ability or an idea. You surf the right flow. It's all right. But when it came to not looking back, where the hell you gonna place all these people that wasted their tears and sweats on you ? Store room ? So that when you're in need of these people you may reach them ? In a garbage dump ? Because you have tons of more talented partners ?


Look behind for a bit. Look how we are doing. Care about us. We are all happy for what you are and all your achievement. For all the motivations and advices, look at you now, dear man. But we never came forward with words that spiritually allow you to simply go.

I dedicate this short article to all my friends. Please,
And in accordance with that, still call you friend because you're a friend, friend. I love you.

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