Saturday, 13 July 2013

Thank you, Hardcore.

Hardcore has made me overcome my fear
to speak in public,
to sing in public,
to scream in public,
to wear like a mexican gangsta in public,
to dance in public,
to share personal thoughts in public,
to help the public,
to voice out.

Hardcore has taught me
to value DIY arts,
to value friendship,
to value my life,
to build muscle,
to be a good speaker,
to understand every bits of words,
to be a good collector,
to be a petter person,
to live,
to accept human,
to understand sub-cultures,
to move on.

Hardcore has made me
involved with humanitarian activities; Makanan Bukan Periuk Api, Kolektif Sarata
an art designer; i-scrrream shoes, Skramzart
being a song writer, a vocalist; OV8HC
being a writer and poet; Zine Bebas Cukai, Jiwa Seorang Loser (so far)
involved with street demos; The Black Block of Punk & Skinhead se-Malaysia (BERSIH)

Through hardcore, friendship has expanded. USA, France, Italy, Indonesia, there is no gap.
Through hardcore, there is a term; a family. Neither wall nor barrier, the bond will remains.