Sunday, 15 May 2011

How does it feels when you... #1

Getting closer to somebody else
This will set your life into more complicated. Yeah, so please kalau boleh elakkan la especially kalau yg dah ade gf/bf *untung la* and dah lama dgn si dia kan, you can be with your friend but when you're too closed, something else will happen. mcm, feeling tu akan berubah. If you're a loyal guy, it is a hard challenge for you. Be careful. tpi, bila perasaan tu semakin bercambah and semakin memuncak and then si dia pula memberi respons yg baik... you're in fucken danger man.

Getting unsure with your proper Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Depends on her/his responses. you'll get to unsure with tht person. like seriously when she's acting fishy, usually i can smell it. so yeah, when the person tries to hide this and that, perasaan cinta tu dah mcm, ergh... does she really with me ? Does she really love me ? and only me ? Like fucked up kalau aku love someone yg love orang lain at the same time. is it fair ? NO ! so moral of the story, understand, investigate and know your mates A-Z before go on further. this is for your future too. kalau dah tak ngam tu baik be true awal2 sebelum terlambat

p/s : semua yang terkarang depends on what i am facing and what i've been through. Pass tot me a lot. I've learned my lesson. lumrah dunia. maybe sekarang ni aku face dgn perasaan yang sukar so that after this, i'll live a happy life without any confuses on these minor *monor ke ?* matters. who knows :)

Nobody live virgin cuz' life fucks all of us.

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