Friday, 20 July 2012

Repost draft usang #2


Hi, this is, Farhan Rajuli... talking about a historical fantasia story that happened the present year I'm taking my SPM exams. So yeah, I wanna talk about a girl that coloured my days. From the purest white to the darkest black. I've my best feelings towards her. I started being serious in building up relationships. A stranger, starting with a buzz in facebook chatbox. Berry, you ingat tak the first time kita jadi rapat spontaneously when you started to typo lepas tu I keep on bahan you sampai you menyirap... I can still remember, that days when you still using **** ***** as your display name and yellow shirt sitting on the gate- as your DP. That moment, I still don't have a real feelings toward her since I never met her in school. So, it was difficult for me to reach you in school. Not in detecting you where you at but, I susah gila nak tegur you. Macam, why is it very difficult for me to tegur that particular person that I have some different feeling towards them. I called you berry and you called me watermelon remember ? I found you so chemically reactive with me. Like metal and alkali. Very reactive. Remember your birthday ? The moment we spent our night together talking on the phone for 5 hours ? I never did that in my life before I swear. Ears burnt but who cares ? Who the hell in this fragile world care about their ears when they managed to talk with someone they already messed up with the heart contracts. The moment you let go your ego saying that you did love to hear my voice and I was like, dang son, if I, if you rewarded me your heart then I'll absolutely probably definitely like extremely take a real good care of our bonds. The first time I talked to you is on coco day. Remember Kelab Bahasa ? Kita main buat2 peribahasa that time and you was like eh jangan main-main boleh tak ? hahah, then afterward things became better when i slowly eliminate my shy towards you. Till that day i wrote a post about you in Pekan Mantis. I composed a bundle of poems just for her. I don't know. I don't know. Semakin dia rapat dengan aku hari demi hari, semakin laju heartbeats aku.

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