Tuesday, 9 August 2011

confession #1

well, this was my final high school sports day. pretty touched when everything is over. what can i do ? no more sports day for me as a school student. i'm not a God. or an angel. or any superhero that can teleport to anywhere, anytime that i desired. two years with them. ain't a period of time for me. As an SBU-ian. the time was just like a period to finish a box of cigarette. Winston light maybe. The moment I sat alone on the road divider, waiting for a friend to pick me up, the moment when no one is there, i can feel what's coming up next. i can hear our past laughter together, everything. why ? you can't see this kind of walk. shoulder to shoulder, sing the farewell song, friends forever huh ? haha. the place where i found my best friends. Hisyam and Meor. The place where I found my best girl friends, the place where i can find the prettiest Indian teenager in KL. sorry i have no idea what i'm talking about. but, you got the point right ? haih, i'm gonna miss you peoples a lot. a lot a lot a lot a fucking lot. i love SBU.

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